40 Trading Cards Now Worth A Fortune

If you or your family were big trading card collectors back in the day, then listen closely. Get yourself up to the attic right now and dust those babies off — some of them could be worth a load of cash. Just take a look at the 40 cards we’ve listed here. Not only are they extremely valuable, but there are also a few surprises dotted around!

40. LeBron James Miami Heat

Year: 2013

Brand: Panini Prizm

Value: $349.99

As part of the Panini Prizm line, this LeBron James trading card first dropped in 2013. And it’s a real beaut, rocking the coveted PSA Gem Mint 10 rating. Topping that scale means the card is practically flawless. One of these was recently up for sale at nearly $350 on eBay, so check your shelves.

39. NBA Rookie Card Kevin Garnett

Year: 1995


Value: $464.42

There’s something alluring about embossed trading cards, wouldn’t you agree? The raised lettering alone gives them a classy finish. And this TOPPS FINEST effort from 1995 is a real winner — and you could earn some easy money by selling it. One with a PSA 9 rating was recently valued at more than $460 online.

38. Poliwag 1st Edition Shadowless

Year: 1999

Brand: Pokémon

Value: $499.95

PSA 10

It’s difficult to put into words just how big Pokémon trading cards were in the past. They were a true cultural phenomenon. And guess what? Some of them are worth a wedge of cash right now — even the lesser-known characters. Take Poliwag, for example. A first edition, PSA Gem Mint 10 card has been up for grabs for close to $500 on eBay. We’re serious!

37. LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers

Year: 2018/19

Brand: Panini Prizm Mosaic

Value: $500.00

Ah, the shiny — these bad boys are some of the crown jewels in trading card collections. So it should come as no surprise that they’re pretty valuable. This “Mosaic” effort from Panini Prizm’s an example of that. Rocking the PSA Gem Mint 10 rating, it had a $500 price tag on eBay.