This Couple Transformed A Bus Into A Stylish Dream Home For Less Than $25,000 – Take A Look Inside

Hopping onto a double-decker bus for a ride around town is one thing – but you probably can’t imagine living on one. That is, until you see what this couple did to create a stylish, functional abode out of a city bus they bought for next to nothing. The renovations were far from easy, but their hard work paid off in amazing fashion. In fact, their stunning work might just give you the itch to try out the tiny home life for yourself!

Looking for a real home

Because they were so dedicated to each other, Charlie MacVicar and her boyfriend Luke Walker knew that they wanted to live together. But it wasn't so simple. The young couple didn’t fancy paying high mortgage costs or rent in order to cohabitate. So, they started to think about alternatives to the traditional home-ownership route.

An out-of-the-box idea

Luckily, the pair had a unique option to consider. MacVicar’s father apparently had a stretch of open land in Essex, England. So, she and Walker proposed paying a small fee to him so that they could move onto the property. But the couple had another problem: there wasn’t an actual structure in which they could live!

A bit of TV inspiration

Turning on the TV one day gave MacVicar and Walker an idea of how to solve that issue, though. The duo told that they watched a reality program called Amazing Spaces, on which host George Clarke visits people who have turned unexpected objects into functional dwellings. And that spurred a big brainstorming session between the two of them.

The right foundation

There seemed to be so many options at first. MacVicar told the British publication in February 2021, “We went through different options, such as shipping containers, caravans…” But she and Walker eventually landed on a type of transportation with a bit more floor space – relatively speaking, anyway. In 2017 they bought a double-decker bus to make into their home together.