Man Roaming A Storm-Battered Beach Spots Amazing Maritime Treasure Emerging From The Sand

Mark O’Donoghue and his partner are ambling along their local beach. It’s a familiar Floridian scene – waves lapping at the shore, footsteps imprinting into the soft earth. Then a strange structure coming out of the ground stops the couple dead in their tracks. The duo has discovered some sort of curious contraption, all jagged wood and metal. And in a remarkable stroke of luck, it’s just re-emerged after centuries concealed beneath the sand.

A Picturesque Beach

Where was O’Donoghue when he made this incredible find? Well, as a native of St. Augustine, Florida, he was strolling the picturesque shoreline of Crescent Beach in St. John’s County. It’s a seaside spot the man and his wife know well – or so they thought. That was until November 2020, when the sand unveiled its subterranean secret.

What Could It Be?

Peering at the odd vision before him, O’Donoghue spotted prongs made of metal and wood. There was some timber there as well. And while he and his wife eventually went back to their home, the discovery still stuck in O’Donoghue’s mind. What had they just uncovered? And why was the huge structure only visible now?

Emerging From The Sand

Naturally, O’Donoghue needed answers. So, he rocked up to Crescent Beach again the following day, eager to have another look at the strange shape. But the mystery would only deepen with this second sighting. You see, only hours on from that first trip to the shore, the unidentified object appeared to now be even further out of the sand. Was it emerging of its own accord?

Unearthed By Eta

Thankfully, buried objects don’t just rise from the ground without some form of assistance. And with that in mind, you’re probably wondering exactly what happened. Well, it’s believed that Hurricane Eta – which hit the north of Florida in November 2020 – may have played a significant role in the structure’s reappearance.