Target Shopping Hacks That Are Saving People Big

There are nearly 2,000 Target stores in the U.S. — so chances are there’s one near you! And although the Target philosophy is always to "expect more, pay less," there are a bunch of not-so-secret hacks that could help you save seriously big bucks the next time you're in a store. You can thank us later.

Sale prices forever

Target doesn’t like to see customers go home empty-handed. So keep this top tip in mind: if you have your heart set on a sale item that’s out of stock, try asking for a “rain check.” Then, when that product comes back into the store, you may still be able to purchase it at its discounted price — even if the sale is over. Nifty, right? There are exclusions, of course, and Target will also offer substitutions.

Shop for toys in January and July

Target’s best sales for kids’ playthings apparently take place in mid-January and late July. These times of the year are said to be when the stores clear out all their old merchandise from the children’s sections. So, while you may have to wait longer to get you or your little one that must-have gadget, you’ll hopefully get it cheaper!

Return (most) items bought online for free

There’s just one problem with online shopping: what if you need to send an item back? It can be a real hassle. But Target will actually let you return your unwanted shopping for free in any store — as long as the item is unopened and within the 90-day return period. You can even start the process online or in the app to speed things along.

Check the ends of the aisles

While Target offers products at lower prices all over its stores, certain spots are more likely to deliver bargains. If you’re after the very best deals, don’t just jump right into the middle of the shop; look carefully. The display shelves located at the ends of the aisles — known as endcaps — are where you’re likely to find some of the best discounts.