This Thrift Store Worker’s Once-In-A-Lifetime Discovery Sparked A Heartwarming Chain Of Events

As a group of thrift store workers are rummaging through a load of donations, all appears normal. But then they make an eye-opening discovery. Somehow a priceless object has made its way into one of the containers, leaving one particular volunteer stunned. And she can’t believe it’s ended up in her shop.

Thrift store volunteer

The lady in question was Teresa Ferrin, who’s a resident of Arizona. She offers her time at Phoenix’s Christian Family Care Thrift Store every week, dropping in for a one-day shift to help out. Yet nothing could’ve prepared Ferrin for what happened that one particular day. 

Finding treasures is a regular occurrence

Ferrin had made similar discoveries during her spell at the shop before. Thrift stores can be a treasure trove in that respect. You never know what could be hiding in an overflowing box. But this find was different. You see, it went on to spark a chain of events that would warm even the coldest of hearts.

This find was different

So we know what you’re thinking – what did Ferrin and her colleagues actually stumble across? It must’ve been special, right? Well, “special” is probably an understatement. This thing certainly shouldn’t have been sitting in a thrift store waiting to be given away. It deserved a lot more love and respect.

Purple heart

Yep, the object in question was a Purple Heart medal. Now there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of these before, but if you’re unaware of their purpose, don’t worry. The aforementioned items have held incredible importance since they were first created back in 1932.